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Book Report Fan

Try a new spin on the classic book report! Students complete the Book Report Fact Fan with any novel. This interactive project gives students opportunities to color, cut, and paste while applying reading skills and strategies.

Color by Product Multiplication Practice

Your students will love coloring by product as they practice their multiplication facts! This practice works well for fast finishers, math centers, and homework.

Math Operations Fact Fan

Are your students solving word problems in math? This fun and interactive project becomes a math resource students can use to determine what operation to use when problem solving.

Digital Graphic Organizers for Summaries

Simplify online learning with these graphic organizers made with Google Slides. Students can type their summaries into any of the 6 templates.

Reading Response Mini-Books

These half-page Reading Response booklets are the ideal place for students to record their responses to their reading. Perfect with ANY book, students can record their connections, questions, visualizations, and predictions.

Reading Response Sentence Starters for comprehension strategies

Reading Response Sentence Starters

This one page of sentence starters is a valuable reading resource for students.  It works well in students’ binders, journals, or glued inside their reader’s notebook! Students can reference this resource when responding to any text.

All About Me with Numbers

This quick, interactive activity will help students share a little more of themselves with YOU! Students tell about themselves using numbers only. This makes the activity accessible for many grade levels and ability levels.

Parts of Speech identifying nouns verbs adjectives pronouns adverbs and conjunctions

Parts of Speech Color by Code

Students color the picture according to the code. They identify nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, and conjunctions. 

Types of Sentences Color by Code

Students color the pictures according to sentence types.  Two pages help students practice identifying declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences.