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Continents: Fact Fans Research Project




Are your students learning about the seven continents? These Fact Fans are an interactive and engaging way to help students organize and publish their research about each continent.

Students use the provided note-taking sheets to research each continent. Then, they transfer the notes onto the fans! This project gives students the opportunity to research, note-take, label maps, publish, cut and color. In the end, they have an interactive project that is an awesome representation of their learning! The completed fans also make an impressive bulletin board display.

Three versions of the Fact Fan Project are included in this download:

  • Version A: Countries within each continent are labeled for students. This version is best for giving students a clear idea of the many countries within each continent. The labeling is clear and informative.
  • Version B: Countries are outlined, but not labeled. This is the most in-depth version because students must label the countries. Because of the time this takes, this version may work best for group work. Each student in the group can be assigned one continent to research.
  • Version C: Continent fact fan with NO countries outlined. This is the most basic version for teaching the 7 continents.

Included in the download:

  • Directions for the teacher
  • Recommended resources (both print and digital) to get you started
  • Note taking sheets for students
  • Fact fan pages: 3 versions
  • Map of the world for students to label continents and oceans
  • Assessment: 3 versions
  • Complete answer keys

Students will research:

  • Number of countries
  • Population
  • Important landmarks
  • Natural resources
  • Surrounding oceans
  • Version B: Students label the countries within each continent.

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Continents: Fact Fans Research Project