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Eve Bunting’s Night Tree Book Project




Celebrate December with this holiday Interactive Book Project! Students respond to Eve Bunting’s Night Tree with interactive notebook printables and a craft!  I have always enjoyed reading Night Tree the days leading up to Winter Break.  Students are able to work on familiar reading skills and strategies while enjoying the story.  This project is ideal for students in grades 2-4. It can be completed within students’ interactive notebooks OR on construction paper (as shown in the preview pictures.)

The focus of this project is:

  • making predictions
  • revising predictions
  • making connections
  • summary writing
  • story vocabulary

Included in this Interactive Book Project:

  • Interactive predicting
  • Interactive revising predictions
  • Interactive making connections of similar and different winter traditions
  • Interactive summary writing
  • Interactive defining of key vocabulary words
  • Word Wall vocabulary words
  • Create your own word search with vocabulary words
  • Use context clues to complete sentences with vocabulary words
  • Night Tree publishing paper
  • Night Tree craft!

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Eve Bunting’s Night Tree Book Project