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Junie B. Jones Is a Beauty Shop Guy Novel Study




Junie B.Jones is going to the beauty shop! And now she just can’t wait to be a Beauty Shop Guy!  Bring your reader along with the lovable Junie B. Jones as she learns about patience, practice, and listening to the adults around her.  The reading responses and strategy charts will guide your readers through the book.  After each chapter, students complete a one-page Common Core aligned reading response.  This is a great practice for text-dependent questions and checking comprehension.

Included in this unit:

  • Making Connections Chart
  • Making Predictions Chart
  • Asking Questions Chart
  • Nonsense Words
  • Chapter 1: text-dependent questions, making inferences
  • Chapter 2: text-dependent questions, character traits
  • Chapter 3: writing a chapter summary, text-dependent question, making prediction
  • Chapter 4: picture summary, making inferences
  • Chapter 5: drawing conclusions, noting details, making predictions, making connections
  • Chapter 6: noting details, character traits
  • Chapter 7: main problem, visualizing
  • Chapter 8: problem/solution, character traits, making connections
  • Chapter 9: context clues, making judgments, sequence of events
  • End-of-Book: A New Ending (students write a new ending to the story)

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Junie B. Jones Is a Beauty Shop Guy Novel Study