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Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution Book Project • GOOGLE Slides




Celebrate New Years and the return from Winter Break with this Interactive Book Project!  Students respond to Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution with interactive notebook printables and a craft.  This project can be completed within students’ interactive notebooks OR on construction paper (as shown in the preview pictures.)

Online Learning: This book study now includes GOOGLE Slides for online learning! The link to GOOGLE slides is on the second page of the PDF resource. Teachers will be forced to “make a copy” into their Google Drive. From there, teachers can share their copy to their students.

The focus of this project is:

  • vocabulary
  • text evidence
  • supporting conclusions
  • summarizing
  • making text-to-self connections through the writing of resolutions

Included in this Interactive Book Project:

  • Interactive summary writing
  • Interactive text evidence
  • Interactive supporting conclusions with details
  • Interactive writing about student’s own resolutions
  • Word Wall vocabulary words
  • Vocabulary definitions and synonyms
  • Create your own word search with vocabulary words
  • Supporting a drawn conclusion with details from the story
  • Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution publishing paper
  • Squirrel craft!


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Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution Book Project • GOOGLE Slides