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Stanley, Flat Again Novel Study




Students are able to work in small groups, literature circles, or independently with this Stanley, Flat Again book study. Students are guided through the book with a variety of Common Core aligned reading responses and comprehension questions for every chapter! These responses check students’ understanding, as well as provide them a focus for reading.  Students are required to look back in the story to support their thinking with evidence.

Included in the download:

  • Strategy pages for making connections, predicting, and asking questions
  • Vocabulary words for each chapter
  • Common Core alignment page
  • Complete answer key

Students will:

  • make connections
  • make predictions
  • ask questions
  • use a glossary or dictionary
  • use context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words
  • answer text-dependent questions
  • note details
  • support a main idea
  • write chapter summaries
  • draw visualizations
  • make inferences
  • identify problem and solution
  • match causes to their effects
  • respond critically to the story
  • determine the author’s message

Happy Reading!

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Stanley, Flat Again Novel Study