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State Report: Fact Fan Research Project




These interactive Fact Fans are a fun twist to the classic state report! Students will use the provided note-taking sheets to research one of the fifty states. Then, they transfer their notes onto the fans! This project gives students the opportunity to research, note-take, label maps, publish, cut and color. In the end, they have an interactive project that is an awesome representation of their learning!

Included in the download:

  • Directions for the teacher
  • Note taking sheets for students
  • Recommended resources (both print and digital) to get you started
  • State Fans for all 50 states
  • Maps of the USA so students can locate the state within the nation
  • Complete answer keys

Students will note and label:

  • state capital
  • major mountains and/or mountain ranges
  • major lakes and river
  • most populous city
  • Students will write:
  • state population
  • year of statehood
  • climate
  • bordering states
  • state abbreviation
  • 3 interesting facts
  • state bird
  • state nickname
  • state motto

Students will label and draw:

  • state flag
  • state tree
  • state flower

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State Report: Fact Fan Research Project