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3 Earth Day Read Alouds

Earth Day is coming up this month, and I have 3 books to help us celebrate our beautiful planet! And don’t forget to scroll to the bottom for an Earth Day freebie, as well my bestselling resource – a Planet Project ideal for spring! ​ 2. The Street Beneath My Feet – This is

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2 Ways to Teach Grammar Everyday

Aww, grammar. Let’s be honest – grammar is one of the first things we notice when reading. Verb agreement, punctuation, misspelled words . . . We may not be able to name what’s right about a sentence, but most of us can immediately tell when something is wrong.  That ability

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4 Favorite Books for 4th Grade

Below is a list of 4 favorite books for 4th graders.  This is a time-tested list of books that include touching, inspiring, and funny stories! 1. Frindle by Andrew Clements Frindle is the story of Nick Allen, a boy with plenty of ideas.  In school, Nick learns about the origins

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State Report projects for upper elementary

A New Way to Teach State Reports

Do your students write state reports? I just love the organization and structure of a good old-fashioned state report.  The research is predictable, the facts are easy to check, and students are especially engaged when they get to research the state of their choice! Over the years, however, I started

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